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A Deeper Kind of Healing.

Know your Soul 

You feel a pull to dive deeper, understand your intuition, know your own answers, heal, and experience love.

Your body and soul know the way to the freedom, wholeness, and the love that you crave. 
This is a big journey of aligning the soul, body and mind. 
You deserve to know your soul's purpose, your aligned path, and the greatest love.

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Your Soul Knows all the Answers you Seek... 

Learn to Listen.
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About Me 

I work with women ready to ignite their intuition, reclaim their feminine energy, integrate their soul with their body, experience love, and manifest from the deepest soul spaces.

Sessions with me are a combination of medical intuition, psychic insight, mediumship and intuitive coaching.  I mentor professionals wishing to incorporate intuition into their work, as well as individuals wanting to find love, heal, learn their soul's purpose and create their own transformation.

My passion is to reconnect you to your soul, and to show. you the way to all the passion, healing and connection you crave.   I provide intensive and deep mentoring journeys to guide and nurture the ability to listen to intuition, and step forward into the transformation that you desire.   

Your body and soul know the way to all of your desires, and your own experience awaits you. 

My own journey began with learning intuitive work at a young age, then moving through my own healing journey through an eating disorder, into studying psychology, nutrition, then clinical naturopathic medicine, intensive meditation, energy healing, and full circle, all the way back to soul level hypnotherapy, mediumship, twin flame & soulmate work, and vibrational integration & starseed work.

I have spent more than 20 years learning mind, body and soul levels of healing.  As a practicing naturopathic doctor I noticed that the patients who went the farthest into healing, were those who were attuned and able to listen to their soul.  I could see how standard medicine was progressing into more integrative paradigms, which were the most successful for real remission and full healing.  The missing piece was so evidently soul that I couldn't let go of this quest to understand how to bring this forward.  I could feel it in each and every patient, and I could feel it in my bones.  Humans need connectivity to their own Self, in order to truly be empowered, resilient and to KNOW their own paths forward.  No protocol can fit everyone and no two embodied souls have the same healing journeys.  It is time to allow soul to be untangled from religion, untangled from shame and brought to the forefront for healing.

I have learned or taught the following:


• Founder of The SoulStrong Institute for Intuition (certifications in IFT Intuitive coaching, and Hypnotherapy)

• Founder & Owner of Aurora Integrative Medical & Blue Stone Health (Integrative Clinics)

• Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist IPLA 

• Naturopathic Doctorate- 2010 Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. 

• Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Certification - Level 1​

• Mind Body Medicine & Coaching - Centre of MBS Medicine

• Yoga Teacher Training 200hr - Sacred Paths Yoga

• Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training - McGill University

• NeuroModulation Technique, brain balancing, emotional freedom techniques, Levels 1,2,3 2011-2013

• Lactation Consulting - 'Breastfeeding Specialist Certificate' 

• BA Psychology & Human Nutrition - McGill University

• Neuropsychoendocrinology Research Team-  McGill University

• Sexual Assault Group Facilitation - McGill University 

• Eating Disorder Group Facilitation - McGill University

I retired from practicing naturopathic medicine to be able to teach and mentor women in diving into their own souls.  10 years of clinical work in mental health and women's health inspired my own understanding of how the body IS the way the soul talks to us.  Intuition is not a magical unknown gift. It is simply learning to listen to the body, and learning to courageously go inwards into the body.  Then the real work of listening, and trusting, and taking steps begins...  The thing that is so compelling about this work is that EVERYONE walks themselves out of their own closets and into the light.  They learn to be their own guru, know their own answers and create their best path forward.  

This work is beautiful and powerful.  You will be stretched and you will need to create boundaries, make changes in your life and stand taller in your Truth.  The stretch, the work, the tears, and the time invested comes back in all the freedom, healing, wholeness, and life ignited that you have always craved.  It is always worth it 1000 fold.  

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