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Available Lab Tests

Complete Nutrient, Antioxidant and Omega Evaluation, Detoxification & Microbiome

A Comprehensive Nutrient & Biochemistry Profile for Identifying Nutritional Deficiencies and Insufficiencies. 

This is an excellent test for patients wishing to optimize their nutrition and functional nutrition and supplement choices. It also gives insights into yeast, dysbiosis, and digestive healing.

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Complete Thyroid Panel

Comprehensive thyroid testing includes testing TSH (a brain hormone) as well as T3 and T4 (thyroid hormones) and TPO an autoimmune marker. We also can markers for conversion of the thyroid hormones to fully understand how to optimize thyroid levels and support the gland.

Comprehensive Hormone Testing

Metabolite testing is the highest standard for comprehensive hormone testing and is required for accurate bio-identical hormone dosing and effective hormone balance. Stress response, adrenal and thyroid health and estrogen metabolite ratios included. This is collected at home with urine cards.

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Neurotransmitter Testing

Testing and supporting neurotransmitters (brain chemistry levels) is a crucial component in addressing depression, anxiety , eating disorders, concussion recovery, trauma recovery and other mental health.  Obtaining testing results before prescribing medications or supplements for depression, anxiety, and mental health is also best practice. This test is done at home with urine and saliva.

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Food Sensitivity Testing

Testing your food sensitivities and food allergies can help digestive healing, reduce inflammation and improving cognitive function.

This test provides specific foods with their reactivity levels to help understand which foods to eliminate or avoid while healing.

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Customized Testing

Ask me about metabolism testing, detoxification and toxic metal testing, cardiovascular and customized functional medicine testing. 

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