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Experience The Transformation you Crave

Soul Journey Hypnotherapy

Mediumship and Psychic Development Mentoring

Starseed Mentoring and Healing

Twin Flame Oracle Intensive Journey (Love and karmic healing)



I am a mentor and teacher and healer, here to bring new awareness of the body-to-soul interconnection, and deeper, soul-level healing and teachings.  I co-lead certification groups learning intuitive coaching and hypnotherapy and soul journey work at The SoulStrong Institute, as well as mentor individuals privately both in their learning journeys and personal healing needs. 

I work with those who ready to ignite their intuition, integrate their soul with their body, experience love, and manifest from the deepest soul spaces. 

If you have been craving something deeper within your health, your life and your mindset, and are ready to jump into everything that soul level healing offers, the intuitive journey is for you. 


The first step is to fill out an application form here.  My staff will reply with a link to book your first session to discuss your healing journey, goals and and desires.




Soul Journey (12 weeks intensive)  (Hypnotherapy and intuitive sessions. Travel to the spaces of your soul's origin for the highest level healing, and manifestation). See this page for information)

• Twin Flame Oracle Journey 8 weeks (advanced work in love and karmic healing)

4 Hypnotherapy sessions for karmic bond insights and release, and 4 intuitive sessions on twin flames, soul desires and transcendent love.

 Hypnotherapy Healing 8 weeks (experience letting go, healing, and higher level connection) 

4 Hypnotherapy sessions for healing and block removal, and 4 intuitive sessions for guidance and homework between sessions)



I am currently booked a few months in advance but please email us and I can add you to a waitlist for new openings and/ or cancellations.

CERTIFICATION TRAININGS via The SoulStrong Institute
(small groups and private track available)

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