Experience The Transformation you Crave

I work with women ready to ignite their intuition, reclaim their feminine energy, integrate their soul with their body, experience love, and manifest from the deepest spaces of the soul's desire and purpose. 

If you have been craving transformation within your health, your life and your mindset, and are ready to jump into everything that soul level healing offers, the intuitive journey is for you.  I will guide you through very tangible steps and homework at every step to know your soul. We will uncover your own answers together and walk towards transformation, freedom, and love.


I offer 3 levels of private mentoring. Each level takes 2-3 months to complete and each level is also progressively more intense.  We will meet for 5 sessions via phone for the duration of that level and progress forward based on how you feel and how things unfold in your life.  

Spots for mentoring are opened up every 4 months and there is a waitlist. 

I am currently filling spots for July 2022, September 2022 and January 2023. 

The first step is to book an intro session with me here.