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Treatment Areas

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Concussion Recovery

Advances in concussion recovery demonstrate that key nutrients and supplements for neuro regeneration and targeted neurotransmitter support for the brain, hormone system and nervous system are powerful additional supports for concussion patients.  I have completed advanced trainings in concussion / traumatic brain injury training and offer:

  • comprehensive brain chemistry and hormone testing

  • brain antioxidant intra-venous infusions and IVs

  • functional medicine supplements and key prescriptions for recovery

  • nervous system support via bodywork & acupuncture, and adrenal supports

  • sleep support for increasing rem and deep sleep for recovery

  • high dose vitamin infusions

Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating Disorder Recovery requires a holistic approach, where the digestive tract is healed, the brain chemistry is tested and supported / balanced, hormone levels are addressed, nutrients are restored and the bodymind system is addressed energetically.  I have spent more than 10 years treating and mentoring other NDs in disordered eating recovery, and it has a special place in my heart. Please reach out for questions regarding the steps and process of working with me.

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Depression and low serotonin can be treated with a combination of pharmaceuticals, botanical medicine, key supplements and other remedies.  There are also key acupuncture treatments and nervous system supports that improve mood. The digestive tract is an important part of raising mood / serotonin levels and needs to be addressed and healed while working towards raising mood. Testing for parasites, yeast, bacteria is paramount BEFORE healing the gut, and healing needs a tailored and specific approach for each client.

Anxiety & Trauma

Anxiety requires more than simply talking about the stresses and the anxious mind's patterns. It can be related to low levels of specific neurotransmitters, digestive health and other physiology.  The body needs support to heal anxiety, as does the mind, and the energy systems.  Working with me for anxiety and trauma recovery often encompasses brain chemistry / neurotransmitter testing, key nutrient therapies, botanical medicine, hands on bodywork and acupuncture or acupressure. 

Reiki Treatment
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Fertility Support

Early in my naturopathic career, I had a special focus on fertility and worked alongside fertility clinics to support patients with functional medicine, botanicals, acupuncture, bodywork, IV vitamin infusions and hormone support as adjunctive and supportive therapy combined with their IVF, IUI, and other fertility treatment plans. The combined, integrative treatment plans created the highest success rates.

Special Focus

My practice has a special focus on :


  • Fertility Support 

    • IVF / IUI Acupuncture

    • key nutrient testing and support

    • hormone support, adrenal and thyroid support

    • stress reduction functional medicine, bodywork


  • Mental Health

    • anxiety

    • depression

    • eating disorders

    • trauma recovery


  • Brain and Nervous System Healing

    • acute and chronic stress, adrenal insufficiency

    • PTSD

    • trauma recovery

    • Concussion Recovery and Brain Balancing


  • Women’s Health and Hormone Support

    • menopause, peri-menopause

    • irregular cycles, amenorrhea, fertility

    • bio-identical hormone support

  • Digestive and Autoimmune Conditions

    • Crohn’s, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBD

    • candida, parasite and bacterial infections related to digestion and absorption

    • Auto-immune skin conditions, hashimotos

    • chronic fatigue syndrome

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