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Hypnotherapy is a gentle, powerful tool to create TRUE FREEDOM.

As a clinical hypnotherapist I will help you move past blocks to healing, self-sabotaging patterns, and places you are stuck.


Subconscious mindset healing is often needed to create true freedom, full trauma recovery, and deeper healing. There are often deep rooted core beliefs, that we are unaware of, causing trouble to our progress. It is so important to find, release and heal these.  Our conscious minds often do not know why we are stuck or can't move forward.  The subconscious mind, and your own wisdom know all the answers and hold the key to freedom.


I have studied multiple styles of hypnotherapy, mindset coaching, past life regression, and soul level healing. Sessions with me are a combination of all of my tools and wisdom.

The Experience

In our first session, I will explain how hypnotherapy works, and how the subconscious holds so much magic.  Sessions with me are very gentle, I work fully online, so you will need to be in a quiet cozy space, with good ear buds or headphones.

We will move through sessions, often alternating some hypnotherapy with some coaching between bigger sessions. Your experience will be fully supported with private sessions, modules for homework, guided meditations to do at home,

This process will dissolve blocks to your path, including self-sabotage, fear based resistance. embodied traumas, and mindset patterns halting your progress.

 Once we have cleared the bigger disturbances or blocks to your progress, we can also move into all the next levels of healing, to manifest your dreams, gain innate knowledge about your purpose, and light up your own empowerment to know your own answers.

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