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Intuitive Eating, Food Freedom & Body Love

A Course by SoulStrong 

12 Modules 

Beautiful Teachings

Powerful Practices

End Emotional Eating

Find Your Freedom

Travel this journey at your own pace
Add private mentoring sessions as you need


Intuitive Eating & Food Freedom

It is time to step into freedom from food struggles, self-critical boxes around our bodies, and the emotional angst that prevails when dieting, restricting and controlling.

SoulStrong Food Freedom is a coached journey to move you from the place you are right now with your body and help you build a new relationship with food. 

As it takes 21 days to form new habits, this program is made up of 4 cycles of 21 days. The program is meant to work at your own pace, with a SoulStrong Intuitive Coach.

The program is based on:

  • MIND - Create awareness of emotions, thoughts and mindfulness, learn the power of thoughts and how to use them to create freedom. Change the way you are projecting your reality. Learn about mind-body medicine and which tools are the most powerful for food freedom.

  • BODY - Interpreting the wisdom of the body, learning why the body needs to be loved. Learning how to eat and exercise intuitively.

  • SOUL FOOD - Learn to meditate from zero experience.  Within each cycle hearing topics and insight around how Soul level healing is so important as we move past self criticism, self hate, body-related shame and excessive control around food and body.  Freedom requires nourishing all levels of body, mind and soul.



Included in the course:

  • 12 Powerful PDF chapters with handouts and journal inspirations 

  • Guided Meditations with each chapter in a specific series to ignite intuition

  • 'Perspective Papers' on topics in a MindBodySoul paradigm with Dr. Haile

*  Adding private hypnotherapy sessions to your intuitive eating and food freedom journey is very powerful.  Reach out to Dr. Haile to talk if you feel you need extra one on one support.


Who is this program for?

This journey is for ALL people who have struggled with emotional eating, being critical of their bodies, have wasted time overexercising to shrink, or who have struggled to connect with respecting the body and knowing how to follow its cues.


Why Did Dr. Haile Create This Program?


It was created by Dr. Haile after her own 20 year trek from being in the depths of an eating disorder to rising beyond and above.  Her own life and extensive education fuelling a kind of mission to deeply understand healing, and revolutionize the way we are taught to follow plans to heal. To eat in boxed ways, to control the mind as much as possible and to hand over our internal power to outside entities is never the way to full and total freedom.

Topics span a huge range of insights from her previous naturopathic medical experience, her meditation and yoga teacher practices, her abilities in intuition, mediumship and psychic work, and her own life's lessons, reflecting how she moved out of disordered eating, emotional eating and plenty of shame with wanting to look smaller, to an empowered place of freedom, body love, intuitively directed life and peace.

What Will I Learn?

• Emotions - how to decode your system, regulate your emotions and understand their importance in food freedom and self love.

• Thoughts - how the brain changes with thought patterns and why this is critical for healing relationship with food and body.

• Mind Body Medicine - What is it, and how to work with it.

• An introduction to meditation and free guided meditations to accompany the modules.

• The Window of Tolerance as a paradigm for emotional regulation, and how this relates to your food behaviours and your relationship to food.

• The earth - the link between your body and the land and how to re-connect as part of your healing.

• Self-Sabotage and how to overcome it.


• Inner Child - how to re-mother and nurture yourself. Re-connect to the feminine and heal the Mother Wound.

• The fat layer - why we need to dismantle fat-phobia and how to learn to love your "intuitive organ".  

• Expansion and intuition - how to ignite your intuition and expand yourself energetically.

• The Witching Hours Protocol - why binge eating happens in the evening and tools to stop the binge-purge-restrict cycle.

• Food freedom - use the tools from the program to begin to eat intuitively.  How to eat for alignment, ease, and pleasure.

• TRUST YOUR BODY -  why connecting to your body is one of the most important things you can do. How to integrate and embody Freedom work. How to be a role module for your community and why women who feel comfortable in their skin are the visionaries and thought-leaders we need today. 

On 'Alignment Eating'

More About my Journey

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