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Soul Journey
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A journey to create your desires from the deepest soul space.

Experience soul journey therapy to deeply KNOW your Self, uncover your soul's desires and create the life you crave. 

Our master practitioners will progressively take you to deeper and deeper levels of your own subconscious source spaces to uncover your soul's desires.  This will change your entire experience of life, and your own magnetism to create your dreams.  

Manifestation will become automatic, rather than based in mental mind focus, searching or trying.   Once you have been taken through this process, your soul will call towards it, all that it is here to experience. 


Rapid transformation, new love, powerful starseed knowledge and deep freedom will unfold.  

A 3 month journey 


Your experience will be fully supported with private sessions, modules for homework, guided meditations to do at home, and text support for the three months.

This process will dissolve blocks to your path, including self-sabotage, fear based resistance. embodied traumas, and mindset patterns halting your progress.

 You will move through an intensive set of sessions and practices to manifest your dreams, gain innate knowledge about your purpose, and experience your innate deep intuitive abilities.

The journey follows this pattern over three months

Month One
Experience intuitive opening. Your practitioner will help you remove blocks to your own intuition and healing.  Addressing blocking habits, self-sabotage to manifestation and forward momentum that you may not know you are doing. This will include:
• 3 intuitive / hypnotherapy sessions

• 28 guided meditations 🎧
• 8 modules of intuitive homework to light up your own intuition, to better guide your journey.


Month Two
Experience hypnotherapy for releasing old traumas, patters and karmic baggage.  The soul wants to lighten and let go. 
This will include:
• 2 Inner child, & karmic hypnotherapy sessions
• 4 advanced guided hypnotherapy tracks 🎧


Month Three
You are now ready for the highest levels of manifesting your dreams. Welcome to Soul Journey
This will include
• 3 Soul Journey (extended) Hypnotherapy sessions 
• 3 advanced hypnotherapy guided tracks 🎧


Payment and Package Options

  • 10 Intuitive Sessions / Hypnotherapy Sessions (50min)

  • 3 Extended Soul Journey Sessions (80min)

  • Ignite your intuition manual 8 modules

  • 28 daily guided meditations

  • 7 Guided hypnotherapy journeys 

  • Text Support throughout your 3 months 

3 Monthly Payments of 1080usd (tax included)

Discounted Pay in Full 2900usd (tax included)

Fill out an application to work with me here

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