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Medical Intuition
Balancing my chakras. Cropped shot of an unrecognizable woman standing with her palms toge

Medical Intuition

The body holds all the wisdom you need to heal and create transformation.

I see many clients who have 'tried everything' and still need help healing.  Symptoms and imbalances within the body have energetic components and healing requires addressing mind, body and soul levels.  The energy structure of us is often not addressed, and the root issues causing symptoms often need uncovering from deeper levles 

I will use a combination of my intuitive skills and my background knowledge in medicine to create clarity and a healing plan with you for accelerated healing.

The Experience

This is an extended 80min session, designed to access your body's deeper wisdom.   Sessions with me are very gentle, I work fully online, so you will need to be in a quiet cozy space, with good ear buds or headphones, for medical intuition sessions you will need to be laying down.

We will move through your symptoms, into the layers of the body, and each physiologic system. I will pull clarity and help you with a healing plan. 

Fill out an application to work with me here

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