As an intuitive coach and co-founder of The Rising & SoulStrong®, I run

programs, lead retreats and provide private coaching sessions for adults

and teens to empower them with a mind-body-soul toolkit, opening the door

for change, growth and forward momentum. 


Empowered self-awareness and intuition are key to transformation.

Coaching sessions with me involve diving into tools and processes designed to help you re-train your thoughts, understand your emotions and ignite your own intuition. 


Within our work together we will create CLARITY to direct your transformation process, and we will find places you are stuck, or sabotaging your own progress.  I will guide you to learn how to move beyond these blocks.  We will venture into the mind-body connection and how neuroplasticity and our perceptions can act like a force moving us along often in the direction we think we don't want to go.  Directing your mind and listening to your body as we re-shape these is possible and we will dive in.   We also will create daily focus on your own list of habits with a focal point on your mission and the transformation you want to see.  I often teach mindfulness based practices for intuition and healing, guided meditation coaching, habit forming processes for freedom & balance, and intuitive food & lifestyle processes to help shape these new habits. Accountability and extra support go a long way as new habits are formed.  I provide text support for extra clarity and momentum. 

The intuitive coaching journey is an incredible experience as it transforms life alignment, mind-body connections, body awareness, paradigm reframing, and each persons' own innate ability to know,  feel and listen to their body and their system of intuition.  There are moments for all of us when we need some extra momentum, support, guidance, reassurance, and outside perspective. I see many clients who know what they want, and have tried lots of mind-body approaches, but need intuitive expansion to help understand their own path and their own needs.  

 We are mind-body-soul integrative beings who need to reconnect ourselves to each part in order to feel whole.  This is where freedom and wellness begin, and I am here to light it up with you :)

DISCOVER SoulStrong®


SoulStrong® Certification in Intuitive Coaching takes place twice yearly.

Details will be released shortly.  Please email Dr. Haile if you are interested in receiving updates.


































Coaching and retreats with SoulStrong® and with The Rising are separate from my naturopathic practice, so cannot be billed to insurance. Sessions can be done via phone, Skype or in person. 

Please feel free to call or text 1-250-870-9151 for any questions.

Or book a free 15min consultation to learn more.



Carve out the time to heal

Visit The Rising Website for all of the upcoming retreat dates.

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