Experience Frequency Medicine 

Micro-current is a very powerful, non invasive, and effective medicine.  In my experience, a lot of healing can be facilitated with talk-therapy, hands on body work and specific key nutrients and botanicals.  However, there are occasionally unbalanced levels of energetic and physical patterns that required extra support to regain balance, flow and homeostasis within the physiology.  This can be from scar tissue, embodied traumas, emotional dysregulation, symptoms and health conditions, and mental health (mind-body systems)

I use a device called The Healy, to run micro-currency set to correct the acupuncture meridians, the energy centres, and the body's matrix of physical-to-energetic interface.  This is similar to electro-stim acupuncture, only without the needles. Frequency Specific Micro-Current is an advancing modality in wellness and has solid research behind uses such as pain management, neuropathic pain, insomnia, depression, concussion recovery, nervous system regulation, anxiety, headaches, etc. 

I offer FSM with the Healy device in my practice in Kelowna BC Canada, and clients can purchase their own device here.  I recommend the Resonance Healy Option or above. 

I also consult for the Healy Collective and support entrepreneurs interested in getting involved in the Healy community.

Please email me directly if you would like mentoring in either personal use or for information about joining the Healy Collective.  Or book a free 20min session into my schedule here.

Onboarding, mentoring, resources and community are available💙