Eating disorder recovery has a special place in my heart.  Part of my choice to become a doctor was to be able to create truly comprehensive and holistic healing for FULL RECOVERY.  Recovery is sometimes a controversial topic, and I see a lot of patients who come in and believe they will never 'get better' or heal.  

Mainstream treatment needs advancing into a more holistic and collaborative, integrative approach.  So many patients have had only meal planning, medications and counselling.  This can often be a great start and can advance recovery, and yet there are some pieces that I believe need special attention and support:

  • Brain Chemistry needs balancing and support.  This can involve nutrients needed as building blocks, supplements for receptor activity and brain health.  This also occasionally needs prescriptive medications, which I refer when needed and/or prescribe only when needed, and always discuss methods to come off of medications based on symptoms rather than schedules.  

  • The DIGESTIVE TRACT NEEDS HEALING.  This is so important.  Without healing the digestive tract, we cannot ask the body to assimilate nutrients and use these nutrients to heal the body and brain.  The digestive tract is so often inflamed after a history of ups and downs with food.  If there has been binging and purging, the digestive tact 100% of the time will need soothing, healing and help.  Every single patient needs a different plan for gut healing and often there are organisms that need to be killed first, toxicity to help clear, and/or inflammation to quell.  Once these 'blocks' to healing have been established and treated, we can move into healing.  Healing may involve focusing on bringing in soothing foods, healing supplements, and peripheral modalities like IV therapy, and abdominal massage and acupuncture.

  • Trauma and emotions need releasing from a somatic holistic approach.  I work closely with counsellors and psychologists and in most cases recommend that patients working towards recovery have a comprehensive team,  There is an aspect to emotions, traumas and stress that I have found that needs body work.  This makes sense from a mind-body paradigm, as the body often needs help shifting out of fight or flight / stress mode, and INTO rest/ healing mode.  I use a fusion of multiple modalities in a body work session called Stress Relief Body Work & Acupuncture

  • Hormones, inflammation, insulin, liver and other systems need attention.  True recovery is holistic in nature.  If we want to FEEL FREEDOM and LOVE OUR BODIES, we need to heal the WHOLE body.  There is an order to healing, and recovery needs holistic care.  

  • Mindfulness, meditation and real intuition is also key.  Recovery isn't a set formula, and every patient needs to become their own best guide as we travel this healing road.  Treatment and this work is the START, and the tool belt.  The work afterwards is to KNOW your body, LOVE your body, use your TOOLS, and most importantly listen to yourself and your body as things change and life unfolds.

Sometimes this work is less than easy, and yet, every cell in our body wants to help us LIVE.  So often we forget that the body is something to listen to instead of to control.  I am here to help you walk your path to recovery, provide guidance and tools, and then most importantly, teach you how to listen.  

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